YouTube Live: R.E.M.’s “1,000,000” x 2

As a resident of Raleigh, I was upset that I missed out on R.E.M.’s show here in early June. The reason I couldn’t go is because I needed other days off that week to visit my brother in Chicago, who had just seen the band earlier that month. He managed to get me a t-shirt, so big ups to him.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Athens boys’ debut album, Murmur, and they have celebrated by releasing an excellent Deluxe Edition. The bonus disc of this new package is a live performance recorded in Toronto shortly after the influential album’s release. I highly recommend purchasing this edition, even if you already own the album in its original form.

I was going to post a performance from this particular Toronto show, but decided to go back even further. Before Murmur was a twinkling in their collective eyes, the band released my favorite EP ever, Chronic Town. Among the songs from this release is the aggressive “1,000,000”, captured in the recording below back in 1982 at the now-defunct Pier. This old venue was located in…Raleigh (as we come full circle)! I also posted a performance of this song from that June concert I missed.

It’s good to remember that even the biggest bands started out performing on the same floor as its audience, and never lost their excitement when they elevated to the main stage.

“1, 000, 000” @ The Pier, Raleigh, NC (10/10/1982)

“1, 000, 000” @ Time Warner Music Pavilion, Raleigh, NC (6/10/2008)


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