Album Review: Franz Ferdinand – Tonight: Franz Ferdinand




When Franz Ferdinand’s stunning self-titled debut hit stores in 2004, everyone was completely awestruck by the sexy new Scottish foursome and their irresistibly fun pop songs. Then in 2005, You Could Have It So Much Better came out and many of us were left confused by its washed out tunes that got tiring after only a few listens. And from there on out, it was hard for anyone to predict what the future of Franz Ferdinand would look like. But now after almost 4 years Franz Ferdinand is back with Tonight: Franz Ferdinand and damn was the wait worth it!

At first, when Franz Ferdinand broke out into the scene almost immediately one after another bands attempting to imitate their sound starting popping up (see: The Arctic Monkeys or Kaiser Chiefs, for starters). However, as we’ve seen from many of last year’s albums the majority of those bands just couldn’t keep up the rouse. And that’s where Franz Ferdinand has stepped back in, almost just to exclaim “Hey, Folks. That’s right, we still got it”!

Frankly, Tonight: Franz Ferdinand marks the band’s most complete work to date, maybe even their best. Very much in the style of their debut album, Tonight: Franz Ferdinand collects a hodgepodge of musical styles, but is most definitely more of a dancing record than a rock album, making it all the more sexy. With a hint of electronica, heavy bass and some quirky keyboard (and synth additions here and there), it easily becomes the kind of music that makes you want to grab a few drinks and dance the night away without a care in the world.

It all starts with “Ulysses,” the album’s first single, which is dark and devilish with Alex Kapranos snarling “C’mon let’s get hiiigh/I found a new way/I found a new way, baby” before exploding into one of his eye-piercingly contagious choruses. Then, we are introduced to the unsurprisingly stimulating “Turn It On” and Rock Band friendly “No You Girls Never Know” with its captivating guitar riffs that pulsate intoxicatingly throughout each chorus.

Later on, the Blondie-esque “Live Alone” drops us off amidst a ’70’s disco romp, only to be followed up by “Bite Hard”; a repetitive anthem for today’s youth and their many fleeting romances. And then, surprisingly, the album finishes with an acoustic track that fills your heart with joy and a strange yearning for some Johnny Cash.

Finishing just under 42 minutes, Tonight: Franz Ferdinand is relentless and overall a raging boner of success! Between the impossibly charming guitar riffs, bouncy rhythms and totally suggestive lyrics, there’s no mistake that this album is all about the art of extended flirting. Of course, that could make the album feel a bit distant for some, because it’s not heart-wrenching or revealing in the least and almost every song is about fleeting hookups from a lackadaisical view point. However, while that may be a flaw that this album shares it’s more than obvious that every song on Tonight: Franz Ferdinand outdoes the last. Truly, this record captures Franz Ferdinand at their very best and with all the playful, pop brilliance that we fell in love with back in 2004.