Alex Somers and Jón Þór Birgisson plan album

When not hanging with their respective music outfits, Sigur Rós‘ Jón Þór Birgisson and Parachutes‘ Alex Somers have built a relationship that goes far beyond being one of music’s most high-profile openly gay couples. In fact, the duo has even formed an artistic collaboration, entitled Riceboy Sleeps, and published their eponymous debut in 2006.

And as it turns out, the collaboration is about to go result in a full-length studio album as well. In an interview with I Love Makonnen, Somers revealed that he is currently at work on putting the finishing touches on what will be his first album with Birgisson. While he shared no additional details other than the record has a tentative March release, it’d be a safe bet to assume it will be released under the Riceboy Sleeps pseduyum; in 2007, the collaboration released two singles, entitled All the Big Trees” and “Daníell In the Sea”.

However, joint album isn’t the only thing the two have planned for 2009. Somers went on to note that he plans on releasing a new book this year as well, while Birgisson and his Sigur Rós bandmates are currently prepping a live DVD documentary.

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