Check Out: Arcade Fire’s “Lenin”

Dark Was The Night, how you slay me. You are every music compilation’s wet dream. You are exactly what the music industry needs. Thank you for existing. I await your release earnestly.

So, I think it is safe to say that Dark Was The Night is the most anticipated charity compilation in recent years. I say this now, and once again, because a new track off of the forthcoming release has once again been unveiled for our listening pleasure. Who is this new song by? A little group called Arcade Fire. I hear they’re pretty good.

The song, “Lenin”, a Neon Bible B-side is not the best Arcade Fire song ever, hell it’s not even on the radar, but it’s new and it’s by the Arcade Fire. It should help tide fans over until the TBD release of a follow-up to 2007’s Neon Bible. Formerly known as “When Lenin Was Little”, the song sports a vintage power-pop feel with Win and Regine taking turns in the vocal department over rough acoustic strums and jumping piano. It’s a good enough song, but hopefully we’ll have a new album sooner than later.

Have a look see:

Dark Was The Night hits shelves February 17th. Get it.


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