Check Out: U2’s “Get On Your Boots”

Okay, I’ll officially say it now. Between the previously posted We Are One recap and the YouTube live post that will appear later, today is officially Bruce & U2 Day on CoS, which is a bit weird considering there is another holiday going on. But can you blame us? Both acts are gearing up for the releases of new studio albums, and today, the latter officially unveiled its first single.

Entitled “Get On Your Boots”, No Line on the Horizon’s first single offers the same punch and fervor heard on 2003’s “Vertigo”, with a guitar part that hearkens back to Achtung Baby or more recently, “Love and Peace or Else”, introducing the song – Edge declared these riffs as his best-ever. Within seconds, Bono has taken over, offering higher than usual vocals – Thom Yorke anyone? – that still manage to offer the frontman’s infectious energy. Lyrically, “Get On Your Boots” sees Bono being Bono, dishing out cleverly crafted, politically charged adages that add a sense of conscious amongst the vibrant sounds. All in all, the three-and-a-half minutes prove to be a blazing mix of funk and rock that shouldn’t have any trouble making its mark on the airwaves or leave fans shaking when used to open one of the band’s upcoming concerts.

Buy it on iTunes, stream it on, or check it out in YouTube form below…


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