David Bowie: No Coachella, no Twitter

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    Just in case you didn’t believe NME’s report on Monday and are still holding out hope that David Bowie will in fact resurrect Ziggy Stardust to close out the 10th anniversary of the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival, the 62-year-old legend has decided to again dash those hopes and set the record straight via a posting on his official website:

    It’s time for the annual Coachella denial. (11.21.2007 NEWS: BOWIE AT COACHELLA 2008…NOT)

    The story goes that David Bowie was in talks to perform his Ziggy Stardust album at the festival this year, the rumour really took hold and the ‘news’ was reported online around the globe and in the English press.

    You may have already seen the denial over at, but I’m sure the majority of you saw this tale for what it was anyway: poppycock!

    However, we feel duty-bound to deny this particular story here too, lest members be fleeced of their hard-earned.

    Oh yeah…and this too…

    While we’re about it, David Bowie does not have a Twitter account.

    In other words, no trip to Berlin, no new album, nothing.

    What a great way to start your Wendesday, eh?

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