Fever Ray issues debut, releases video

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    Saving the surname “Ray” from its past atrocities (we’re looking at you, Mark McGrath), Karin Dreijer Andersson, who you might recognize from The Knife, is back with a new project. It’s called Fever Ray, and despite sounding like either a Farrelly Bros. flick or a shameless cover band of you know who, this is one effort you’ll want to keep tabs on.

    The Swedish sister half of the electro-pop duo has been hard at work on the project since 2007, when she started writing songs following a successful series of shows with The Knife. While not quite the departure from electronica, Fever Ray is a downward spiral into something visceral and overall moody. Andersson recently commented on the project/album, saying, “I think the music should be able to stand for itself without interfering, like what the artist looks like. That’s something you find out during the process, it’s a steady ongoing process about how you survive. When you work with music, you have the possibility to create magic.”

    Magic or not, the album’s already out as a digital download through Klicktrack. For physical enthusiasts, it’ll be in your hands in time for spring break, on March 24. So fans of The Knife, pull out those credit cards or be sure to pencil that date on the calendar, and for those skeptical (or just not willing to purchase online), check out the new video for the album’s single, “If I Had a Heart”, below.


    “If I Had a Heart”

    Fever Ray Tracklist:
    01. If I Had A Heart
    02. When I Grow Up
    03. Dry & Dusty
    04. Seven
    05. Triangle Walks
    06. Concrete Walls
    07. Now’s The Only Time I Know
    08. I’m Not Done
    09. Keep The Streets Empty For Me
    10. Coconut

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