John Mayer dabbles in variety?

Is there anyone luckier than John Mayer? After several platinum, Grammy-winning records, playing with nearly every blues legends alive today, selling out tours at amphitheaters every summer, and dating the finest women in Hollywood, including Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jessica Simpson, and most recently Jennifer Aniston, you would think Mayer would have enough to brag about. Thanks to CBS, you may soon be wrong.

It’s a pretty well known fact that John Mayer is hilarious when he wants to be. After all, just take a look at his guest spot on Chappelle’s Show, blog, fun on Adult Swim’s Tim and Eric Awesome Show, 2004s’ John Mayer Has a TV Show, and let’s please not forget his appearance in this Sacha Baron Cohen moment, which is not for the faint of heart. Oh, yeah, and does The Mellow Show count?


CBS is nearing a deal with John Mayer for a music-driven variety show, CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler told a meeting of the Television Critics Association.

And there you have it. John Mayer: coming soon to a television near you.

In all sincerity, I look forward to giving the show a shot, not that I’ve ever been a big fan of his music, but you have to respect a guy that knows how to make fun of himself. Plus, let’s face it, anything has to be better than Rosie’s failed attempt at the same idea…


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