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One always wonders when a new year begins and what bands or artists could possibly pop up that will inevitably steal your already deluded attention. What are you going to remember and cherish by the end of 2009, a year which follows yet another undeniably appealing music year? We have all learned that only time will tell us if we’ll join that next wave of hype surrounding a fresh band or perhaps find obscure gems in the shades of the unknown.

The latter category belongs to Hammarin & Robin. Without them, I wouldn’t have had such a memorable kick off to ’09. The Swedish duo is shrouded in the mystics of their small net-label, Mad For It, who brought us Parker Lewis’ sparkling debut record last November. And while not much information is out in the open, an irresistible mini pop explosion has made its way to the masses. Their debut two-track EP, Lingering Regret/Hell Knows I’m in Love, is currently offered for free online, courtesy of the sincere Swedish label.

There are sure to be many who won’t be mistaken on the abilities of Swedish pop handicraft to grip and not let go. Have a listen as Hammarin & Robin, through only two tracks, channel Morrissey’s heartfelt crooning and Jens Lekman’s catchy playfulness to a simply mind-blowing result. The music sounds as vibrating as the minimalistic low-budget video looks and is sure to repeatedly get my talent-sense tingling throughout the year.

Check Out:

Hammarin & Robin – “Hell Knows I’m In Love”


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