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If you think about it, 2007 is looking like a long time ago. So naturally it makes sense to wonder when Radiohead will follow up its insanely successful album, In Rainbows. Though with appearances at just about every music festival in 2008 and the longevity of the album each single brings, some might consider it unfair to be demanding something new from the British quintet. However, they seem to be obliging, at least if what the band’s manager, Brian Message, says rings true.470 radiohead20 300x200 Radiohead delivers old and new...

Out in Cannes, Message recently asserted that the band’s follow up is in an “embryonic stage”, but to not get too excited as, “There are no plans until the boys come back and say: ‘We’ve got something we like here’.” He continued on with a typical throw away answer, saying, “The first step in the process is that they’ve got to make some music that they’re proud of.”

Now, that might dampen your spirits some, but not when you see what the band has under its sleeves for the remainder of the year. Expanded editions of the group’s first three albums are on the way (March 24th, to be exact), with some exceptional features to boot. If rarities aren’t your thing, since you, the hardcore Radiohead fan you are, have probably downloaded ’em ten fold…then perhaps the live DVDs that come along will suit your needs. Now beware, the details are a bit lengthy:

Pablo Honey (Special Collectors Edition)
01 You
02 Creep
03 How Do You?
04 Stop Whispering
05 Thinking About You
06 Anyone Can Play Guitar
07 Ripcord
08 Vegetable
09 Prove Yourself
10 I Can’t
11 Lurgee
12 Blow Out

Drill EP:
01 Prove Yourself (Demo)
02 Stupid Car (Demo)
03 You (Demo)
04 Thinking About You (Demo)

“Creep” B-sides:
05 Inside My Head
06 Million Dollar Question
07 Yes I Am
08 Blow Out (Remix)
09 Inside My Head (Live)
10 Creep (Acoustic)
11 Vegetable (Live)
12 Killer Cars (Live)

“Anyone Can Play Guitar” B-sides:
13 Faithless, The Wonderboy
14 Coke Babies

“Pop Is Dead” single:
15 Pop Is Dead
16 Banana Co. (Acoustic)
17 Ripchord (Live)

“Stop Whispering” B-side:
18 Stop Whispering (U.S. version)

BBC Radio One session [06/22/92]:
19 Prove Yourself
20 Creep
21 I Can’t
22 Nothing Touches Me

Music Videos:
01 Creep
02 Anyone Can Play Guitar
03 Pop Is Dead
04 Stop Whispering

“Top of the Pops” [09/16/93]:
05 Creep

The Astoria, London – Live [05/27/94]:
06 You
07 Ripcord
08 Creep
09 Prove Yourself
10 Vegetable
11 Stop Whispering
12 Anyone Can Play Guitar
13 Pop Is Dead
14 Blow Out

The Bends (Special Collectors Edition)
01 Planet Telex
02 The Bends
03 High and Dry
04 Fake Plastic Trees
05 Bones
06 (Nice Dream)
07 Just
08 My Iron Lung
09 Bullet Proof… I Wish I Was
10 Black Star
11 Sulk
12 Street Spirit (Fade Out)


“My Iron Lung” B-sides:
01 The Trickster
02 Punchdrunk Lovesick Singalong
03 Lozenge of Love
04 Lewis (Mistreated)
05 Permanent Daylight
06 You Never Wash Up After Yourself

“High and Dry”/”Planet Telex” B-sides:
07 Maquiladora
08 Killer Cars

“Fake Plastic Trees” B-sides:
09 India Rubber
10 How Can You Be Sure?

“Street Spirit (Fade Out)” B-sides:
11 Talk Show Host
12 Bishop’s Robes
13 Banana Co.
14 Molasses

BBC Radio One Session [04/14/94]:
15 Just
16 Maquiladora
17 Street Spirit (Fade Out)
18 Bones

Music Videos:
01 High and Dry (UK Version)
02 High and Dry (US Version)
03 Fake Plastic Trees
04 Just
05 Street Spirit (Fade Out)

The Astoria, London – Live [5/27/94]:
06 Bones
07 Black Star
08 The Bends
09 My Iron Lung
10 Maquiladora
11 Fake Plastic Trees
12 Just
13 Street Spirit (Fade Out)

2 Meter Session, Holland [02/27/95]:
14 My Iron Lung
15 High and Dry
16 Fake Plastic Trees
17 Street Spirit (Fade Out)

“Later With Jools Holland” [05/27/95]:
18 The Bends
19 High and Dry

“Top of the Pops”:
20 High and Dry (03/09/95)
21 Fake Plastic Trees (06/01/95)
22 Street Spirit (Fade Out) (02/01/96)

OK Computer (Special Collectors Edition)
01 Airbag
02 Paranoid Android
03 Subterranean Homesick Alien
04 Exit Music (For a Film)
05 Let Down
06 Karma Police
07 Fitter Happier
08 Electioneering
09 Climbing Up the Walls
10 No Surprises
11 Lucky
12 The Tourist

“Paranoid Android” B-sides:
01 Polyethylene (Parts 1 & 2)
02 Pearly*
03 A Reminder
04 Melatonin

“Karma Police” B-sides:
05 Meeting in the Aisle
06 Lull
07 Climbing Up The Walls (Zero 7 Mix)
08 Climbing Up The Walls (Fila Brazillia Mix)

“No Surprises B-sides:
09 Palo Alto
10 How I Made My Millions
11 Airbag (Live in Berlin)
12 Lucky (Live in Florence)

BBC Radio One Evening Session [05/28/97]:
13 No Surprises
14 Climbing Up the Walls
15 Exit Music (For a Film)

Music Videos:
01 Paranoid Android
02 Karma Police
03 No Surprises

“Later With Jools Holland” [05/31/97]:
04 Paranoid Android
05 No Surprises
06 Airbag

If Pearl Jam’s bloated box set (the good kind of bloated) has me bankrupt, then these reissues might have me whoring out on the streets. Can anyone really ignore the additional DVD content of The Bends? OK Computer? The answer is no, they really can’t. These might be pricey additions to the now dated and nearly unrecognized CD collection on your shelf, but considering they’re some of the best albums released in the past twenty years, it’s hard to say, “No!”

Oh, what a material boy I’ve become.

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03/15 – Mexico City, Mexico @ Foro Sol *
03/16 – Mexico City, Mexico @ Foro Sol *
03/20 РRio De Janerio, Brazil @ Pra̤a Da Apoteose *
03/22 – São Paulo, Brazil @ Chácara Do Jockey *
03/24 – Buenos Aires, Argentina @ Club Cuidad *
03/26 – Santiago, Chile @ San Carlos de Apoquindo Stadium *
03/27 – Santiago, Chile @ San Carlos de Apoquindo Stadium *

* = w/ Kraftwerk