Watch: Arctic Monkeys’ “Pretty Visitors”

Earlier this week, the Arctic Monkeys sent the music world, and more specifically our friends overseas, into a tailspin after debuting four brand new selections from their forthcoming new studio album at a concert in New Zealand. Since then, we’ve obsessively been searching YouTube in hopes of finding footage of this earth-shattering event, and finally today, we came upon a video of somewhat decent quality, at least enough to make out what’s going on.

Entitled “Pretty Visitors”, the track sees a more darker and heavier sounding Arctic Monkeys, reminiscent of material like “If You Were There, Beware” and “505” from 2007’s Favourite Worst Nightmare. Kicked off by Alex Turner stabbing away on an all too familiar toy piano – “Icky Thump” anyone? – “Pretty Visitors” is soon overwhelmed by the band’s characteristic clash of rifts and drum beats behind a free styling Turner. However, just as soon as the rock appears, it is gone, replaced by a spooky and dirtier texture that provides support for another round of piano playing. All in all, it’s definitely different, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t as catchy and captivating as any of the band’s previous material. Check it out for yourself below…

As for the album itself, not much else is known about the Arctic Monkey’s upcoming creative endeavor since we first learned of it back over the summer. Well, unless you consider QOSTA frontman/album producer Josh Homme recent interview with BBC Radio 1, in which he called the English outfit “really cool,” and revealed that he took peyote, a psychedelic drug similar to LSD, while producing the record, news.

“Pretty Visitors” (Live)


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