Watch: Springsteen’s “Life Itself”

A question for Mr. Bruce Springsteen: between all that comes with the release of two new albums, preparing for a Super Bowl Halftime show, and jamming with Bon Jovi, when good sir, do you actually sleep? I mean, seriously, not even the self-declared hardest working man in show business, aka Kanye West – oooh, first Kanye mention of 2009!!! – has a schedule as busy as yours! Yet, you still have found time to treat us with another surprise, this time in the form of a music video? Talk about some serious brownie points!

As you’ll see below, Bruce has dropped the music video for “Life Itself”, a track off the forthcoming Working on a Dream. Much like “My Lucky Day”, the three-plus minute clip captures Springsteen and Co. in studio mode as they make their way through the rather subdued, yet emotion packed number. A quick listen finds the Boss delving into some characteristic social commentary behind a Rising-like atmospheric sound, highlighted by an impressive underlining guitar solo. It definitely not your typical E Street Band song and takes a few listens to grow on you, but in the end, it proves to be a beautiful little piece. Plus, I think it’s safe to say “Life Itself” will be one of those songs that is unbelievably awesome live.

Oh, and did we mention the song is currently available as a free download on Amazon? Good ol’ Bruce…


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