YouTube Live: Freddie and Funtwo and Satch…oh my!

The definition of “Internet Meme” according to, a popular website used to find meanings of slang words both current and dated, reads, “a short phrase, picture, or combination of the two that gets repeated in message boards and Barrens chat for far, far longer than anything ever ought to be. Imagine a small child being surprised by a jack-in-the-box every single time the toy springs out and you’ll have a fairly good idea of what the collective internet considers witty.” YouTube as a whole continues to get hits via the meme and things like music videos or film trailers. An internet meme can feature those with unique talent, strange hobbies, candid camera jokes or even simple video diaries. Basically, things such as Numa Numa or the next two contestants below.

Lim Jeong-hyun is a South Korean guitarist known by the net moniker, FunTwo. He made his appearance via someone else posting video of his interpretation of “Canon Rock” to YouTube. Before long, he was a sensation and made his own account on YouTube for more work. Currently, his “Canon Rock” performance holds a place as the fifth most “favorited” video in YouTube history.

Freddie Wong is an aspiring American film-maker and electronic sports competitor. After bringing home first place from World Series of Video Games: Dallas ’07 for highest score with Freezepop’s “Less Talk More Rokk” on Guitar Hero 2, Wong has formed a GH band called Hellanor Brozevelt and performed in numerous shows – including the deceased TRL.

What do these maniacs of the new school have in common? Aside from Asian ancestry, they recently shared the stage with former Deep Purple guitarist and string aficionado Joe Satriani himself! Where you ask? Only the most appropriate place to display their meme prowess. On November 22nd of 2008, the inaugural “webisode” of YouTube Live aired and all three creatures tied betwixt love of rock both real and simulated met for an “in your face” jam session for every geek, gamer and god of rolling to witness.

Aside from a rather lame crowd, what you see is what you get – and the boys did not dare disappoint.


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