YouTube Live: The Gutter Twins on Later…With Jools Holland

I know the United States claimed victory in the Revolutionary War, but certain moments cause me to consider how our music might be a little better had the redcoats bested us. One of these moments came when The Gutter Twins, a collaboration between Greg Dulli (Afghan Whigs/The Twilight Singers) and Mark Lanegan (Screaming Trees), performed “Idle Hands” and “God’s Children” on Later…With Jools Holland. For those of you on this side of the pond, Jools Holland’s show has been a staple of late-night television in Britain since 1992. Each airing features live music by a wide array of artists and offers amazing concert footage that puts coverage of musical performances on American late-night television to shame.

Dulli, the consummate showman and manic ball of energy, and Lanegan, the understated giant entrenched at his microphone, delivered on this particular episode of Later, giving those not fortunate enough to catch the Twins in concert an opportunity to see the unlikely duo’s uncanny chemistry in action—a quality missing at times on Saturnalia, the band’s stellar 2008 debut. “Idle Hands” is a dark rocker highlighted by the alluring juxtaposition of Dulli’s bark and Lanegan’s growl. “God’s Children” is vintage Dulli, combining a rich warmness with a sense of urgency that gives the impression that the breaking point and redemption may not be so far removed from one another.

The Gutter Twins come tried and tested both as artists and people—struggle and redemption filtering into each note and performance. If there is a better rock outfit touring right now, I haven’t seen them. And if there is a better music program than Later…With Jools Holland, I haven’t seen that either. And for that I say, “God save the queen!”

“Idle Hands”

“God’s Children”


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