Greg Eklund and friends team up for charity?

Get this. Sources in the UK are buzzing with word of a charity project being undertaken by a small group of entertainers, all led by ex-Everclear drummer Greg Eklund. It has been rumored that Eklund, Dichen Lachman (Sierra from the new series Dollhouse), Ellie Crisell (BBC News Channel) and little known British producer Howard “Deko” Billington will be tackling the collaboration.

Information is rather limited and scattered, due to the paperwork still being finalized; however, what has been said is that the tentative song title for this project is “Better Than Before”. The charity this rag tag group of people are planning to champion is called Brain Tumour UK, described as thus:

Founded in 1997, the charity has an impressive track record of providing practical and emotional support to brain tumour patients and their families and has a national network of grassroots supporters

Our Scientific and Medical Advisory Board ensure a solid profile for research and our Annual Educational Conference provides a focal point for dynamic discussions within the UK brain tumour community

Now, what I like about this particular project can be seen in the difference between this and those popular charity tracks from back in the ’80s-early ’90s, back when Farm Aid was still a new concept. Unlike those, this is not some thrown together variety bag of superstar names. This is a foursome with much less impact still attempting to make their voices heard. Frankly, that is admirable.

In any event, while the names of these celebrities strike notes for various people, some are clueless and therefore may be left in the dark. That is why the word must be spread!

Also be sure to keep all eyes peeled for Billington’s satirical side project known in the States as Fluffy Pussy.


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