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    It’s always interesting to hear what is stewing inside of a musicians’ brain. The most interesting material seems to come from those musicians that have established themselves and yet seem to long for more. The examples are endless, but as of 2006, Dan Boeckner and his wife Alexei Perry, with a little help from Sub Pop Records, have been exploring their inner wilds together to form something entirely new when placed against Boeckner’s other band.

    Even if you haven’t heard the name before, one listen to The Handsome Furs will bring to mind Montreal’s own Wolf Parade, and much of that is attributed to the instantly recognizable vocals. Boeckner hasn’t left the band by any means (they did just put out a new record last spring), but has instead decided to stretch his legs a little. In 2007, the duo released Plague Park, and with it came a healthy following of those drawn to its sonic guitars, electric backing beats, and those lonely and distinctive vocals that wrap the package together.

    Now in 2009, Perry and Boeckner prepare to release their follow up, Face Control, in early March. One new track, “I’m Confused”, has made its way onto their MySpace site, and is quite the departure from anything that has been put out in either of Boeckner’s projects. For one, the backing beats are simple with subtle highlights here and there. What makes the song however is the wailing guitar licks that scream out from the music–the kind of guitar riff that reminds you of an ’80’s punk version of Jack White and that has you hanging on every loud and distorted note.


    Handsome Furs is a great departure from Wolf Parade, and even though they have a few technical qualities in common, they are entirely different, as they should be. I guess it’s safe to say now that those that play together, stay together. Let’s just hope it holds true this time.

    Check Out:
    “Hate This City”
    “Sing Captain”
    “Public Access Interview”

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