Peaches readies a new dessert

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One thing is for sure, Merrill Nisker, the creative mastermind behind Peaches, has essentially all but mastered the concept of making incredibly catchy music that is super awkward to buy. (See 2003’s Fatherfucker and 2006’s Impeach My Bush). So it should come as little surprised that the Toronto based electro head will soon be returning with yet another album that leaves you both leaping for joy and cringing in horror at the thought of having to take it to the cashier.

Entitled I Feel Cream and due out on May 5th, the 12-track effort, which will mark Peaches’ first new release since the aforementioned Impeach my Bush, looks to mark a return in the electro-heavy styles and sounds that first caught our attention way back when. According to Pop & Hiss, the album will feature a bevy of guest appearances, highlighted by Simian Mobile Disco and Drums of Death.

Ahead of the release, Peaches has made two songs, “Lose You” and “Billionnaire” is previewing two songs as part of a new Drums Of Death created mixtape, available for a free download on her MySpace. The album will be proceeded by a double A-side single, “Talk To Me”/”More”, on April 27th.

I Feel Cream Tracklist:
01. Serpentine
02. Talk To Me
03. Lose You
04. More
05. Billionaire
06. I Feel Cream
07. Trick or Treat
08. Show Stopper
09. Mommy Complex
10. Mud
11. Relax
12. Take You Out