Watch: Fever Ray chooses her profession in “When I Grow Up”

The sassy female singer Karin Dreijer Andersson (of The Knife) has certainly started 2009 off with a bang, first with the release of a stellar debut album from her latest project, Fever Ray, and then with not one, but two mind-blowing music videos to accompany the record! After offering up the mysterious and frightening “If I Had A Heart” with it’s strange eerie back beat and whispered vocals, the Andersson has returned just a month later to take things up a notch with the electrifying “When I Grow Up”.

Donned in rags, dirt and feathers, a young, tribal-like woman – apparently who is not Andersson – is pictured as a cross between a zombie and a Native American Indian as she performs her very own and unique dance on a diving board. The video shows the woman in a trance like state as an old man views the spectacle in his own back yard from the comforts of home, as water from the pool shoots up in the air almost in response to her tribalistic dance of sorts. While very strange, “When I Grow Up” comes across as a very interesting interpretation of culture and society and is surprisingly profound. If you’re a fan of oddities and eccentricity then be sure to catch the video below. It will seriously open your mind.

“When I Grow Up”


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