Watch: TV on the Radio sinks, Andy Samdberg and T-Pain ride away

The second indie-friendly music guest to take to Saturday Night Live since the turn of the new year, TV on the Radio hit the stage Saturday night to introduce mainstream America to the album many within the blogosphere, including yours truly, consider the best of 2008. Unfortunately, whether because of faulty sound equipment or some unknown paranormal event that presents Tunde Adebimpe and Co. from capturing the same intensity and catchiness that what we’ve heard on Dear Science and every subsequent tour date that followed, last night’s performances of “Dancing Choose” and “Golden Age” were a bit disappointing. Needless to say, I’m not sure many TV on the Radio virgins walked away looking to get on in the fun.

“Dancing Choose”

“Golden Age”

But the sounds of TV on the Radio weren’t the only thing to resonate from the speakers of one’s television last night, and there was in fact, one musical highpoint. Ahead of Tuesday’s release of its debut studio album, Incredibad, The Lonely Island offered up a brand new selection entitled, “I’m on a Boat”. The title says it all, and like may other of the the Andy Samberg led trio’s hilarious songs, this one features a particularity noteworthy guest. After all, what would a boat trip be without T-Pain and his autotune along for the ride?


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