Yes world, Blink-182 is back!

For all that was last night’s Grammys, perhaps it’s a bit ironic that the evening’s biggest moment can be summed up in just three words: Blink is back. After months of speculation, the iconic punk trio confirmed its return last night with one long-awaited proclamation, “We used to play music together and we decided to play music again. Blink-182 is back!” The announcement was further backed up by an update of the band’s website, which currently sports a message reading the following:

Trust us, we’ll be ready.

Unfortunately, with Travis Barker currently sporting a sling around his left arm, Blink-182 was unable to take the stage to accompany their announcement with a performance. Sure, it would have been sweet, and have made Katy Perry’s performance a bit more bearable, but alas, it looks like we’ll only have to wait a little while longer before watching the band hit venues and festivals all across the country. Lollapalooza anyone?

Until then…


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