Check Out: Akon and Peter Buffet turn “Blood into Gold”

To think slavery ended with Lincoln and his little speech is to say you have been living under a rock. Even though it has far been removed from legitimacy, it still exists as a multi-billion dollar industry that feeds off the less fortunate and thrives in every country. Still need proof? Right here in our own back yards along the Mexican border lies one of the most dangerous areas for human trafficking. The numbers are staggering, and for those caught in the middle, they are forced into everything from prostitution to child labor. It is a sickening reminder that slavery is still alive and well in the 21st century even though many of us would rather think differently.

To help the fight those crimes against humanity, non-profit The Culture Project hit up Senegal born pop star Akon and Emmy award-winning musician Peter Buffett to write a charity song to raise awareness for the issue. The result is the haunting “Blood into Gold”. It is a simple track with little percussions, and Buffett’s signature atmospheric textures, and when paired with the sobering video you have quite the powerful wake up call.

All proceeds from the song will go to fight human trafficking, so if you are feeling charitable go ahead and pick it up. It is a cause that yours truly feels very strong about, so being aware is only a step in the process to stopping something as heinous as the violent exchange of our fellow human beings. People are not a commodity, and Akon’s onstage antics aside, it’s good to see him get behind this cause.

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