Check Out: Kutiman’s Thru-You project

Let’s face it, everybody loves YouTube. It’s like a contagious virus of delightful entertainment that makes our daily lives so much brighter, and with folks like Kutiman out there, how can we honestly be expected to shy away from its majesty? Ever since its addition to the internet, millions of viewers have been slobbering all over Ophir Kutiel’s latest music video project called Thru-You; an eclectic interpretation of the many sides of YouTube.

Now, do you remember all those quirky videos you saw recently while browsing the never ending memory banks of YouTube? Well, if you can believe it, the solo musician Kutiel, more commonly known as Kutiman, has sampled hundreds of them in order to create the irresistibly hypnotic Thru-You project. Still not following? From the artist’s website you’ll be directly linked to a hacked screen shot of YouTube with a new and improved side panel of seven unique songs that only came to be with the help of millions of YouTube submissions. Each submission is credited at the end of course, including a link to its original video, which certainly adds a new perspective to the project as well.

As for the project itself, it’s composed from a hodgepodge of material — from vintage cash registers to guitar lessons — which in the end creates a retro mix of funk and fusion, intermingled with bits of hip-hop, blues, electronic and reggae music. Each track is filled with strange and delightful clips of people singing, performing or testing out bizarre musical equipment and considering how individual each segment is, it’s astonishing how well they all flow together! Kutiman has truly invented something remarkable and entirely original with Thru-You, and to completely appreciate it you’ll just have to watch it for yourself. So, get to it!

Below you’ll find a few videos from the project, but for the whole experience be sure to check out Kutiman’s website so you may watch/listen to each track as originally intended.

“I’m New”

“Wait For Me”


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