Interpol not only still alive, but recording new album!

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    Just in case you wondered what happened to Interpol following its well, to be put nicely, sub par third studio album, Our Love to Admire, and subsequent festival-friendly summer tour, the New York based outfit recently posted an open letter to update fans on all the latest goings-on:

    Cherished Interpudlians,
    It’s been a long time. We shouldn’t have left you…

    After the touring for OLTA came to an end, we all dispersed to tend to our individual personal lives.
    …And to get our ducks in a row.

    Now the band has reconvened, and we are rehearsing new songs.

    We find ourselves marveling at the tremendous focus
    that has defined our early rehearsals for this, our 4th effort.

    All kidding aside, we feel like a new band.

    Once again, we have no concept to this batch of song-writing.
    (We are often asked about our intentions when we set out to write music.)
    There is rarely any intention to this process.
    We just make the music.

    And without going into too much detail, the songs sound vital.

    It’s as though we’ve hit upon a balance between our urgency and
    our calm. And true to our better work, this is music that unravels over time.

    We anticipate that, once it’s done, you high-minded folks will welcome the music…
    into your bedrooms…to swagger and breathe…

    It’s still early, yet, though. We will keep you posted.

    In the meantime, a couple of us have kept ourselves busy with extra-curricular activities. Carlos has made a film called My Friends Told Me About You and Sam has released a record with his band Magnetic Morning..


    And we hope that you’re all weathering well the turmoil of the age.



    Boy, that’s a lot to take in all at once. Let’s see if we can summarize a bit. First off, Interpol first mentioned plans for its fourth studio album over the summer, explaining in an interview with Billboard that the band planned to hit the studio in the fall – something which apparently happened. At the time, they alluded a change in the recording process following a slew of firsts that “rattled the band’s foundations.” However, as of now, no details relating to the album’s direction have been offered.

    The letter also mentions Magnetic Morning, the side-project of drummer Sam Fogarino. In January, the group unveiled its debut album, A.M. As for My Friends Told Me About You, the aforementioned new film from bassist Carlos Dengler? Currently set for release on April 27th, the 26-minute short film will look to explore the “idea of celebrity as affliction.” Talk about complex stuff – but then again, what else should we have expected. This is an Interpol member we’re talking about! You can check out the trailer on the film’s website.

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