New York Dolls have something to say…

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    New York Dolls certainly appear to be back for good. How do we know? Cause I Sez So.

    No, I don’t have unhealthy confidence in the legendary New York outfit, nor I am the band’s new publicist. In fact, Cause I Sez So is just the name of the the band’s forth studio outfit. As we told you back in November, the David Johansen, Sylvain Sylvain and the rest of the Dolls recently hit the studio with longtime collaborator Todd Rundgren – and when we say longtime, we mean longtime. Rundgren worked with the band on its 1973 self-titled debut. Anyway, come May 5th, the New York Dolls will unveil the 12-track finished product, which will consist of 11 originals, along with a rerecording of the 1973 classic “Trash”.

    The release will be headed by a stint at this year’s South by Southwest, where the punk rockers will make three appearances, one of which will be at Rachel Ray’s Feedback.

    ‘Cause I Sez So Tracklist:
    01. ‘Cause I Sez So
    02. Muddy Bones
    03. Better Than
    04. Lonely So Long
    05. My World
    06. Ridiculous
    07. Temptation To Exist
    08. Making Rain
    09. Drowning
    10. Nobody Got No Bizness
    12. Exorcism Of Despair

    New York Dolls 2009 Tour Dates:
    03/20 – Austin, TX @ SXSW (The Sound and the Fury Panel)
    03/21 – Austin, TX @ SXSW (Official Showcase)
    03/21 – Austin, TX @ SXSW (Rachael Ray’s Feedback)


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