R.E.M. to reissue Reckoning, release rehearsal recordings

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    Reissue and repackage. Two words becoming quite familiar in the world of R.E.M. these days. After all, when not prepping the “exploratory demos” for their forthcoming, yet-to-be-titled new studio album – that’s right, I said new studio album, that’s all Michael Stipe and Co. seem to be doing.

    Following in the footsteps of last year’s deluxe edition, 25th anniversary release of its debut album, Murmur, R.E.M. will look to do the same with the band’s sophomore effort, Reckoning, later this year. Billed to be in the “same spirit” as the re-release of Murmur, which featured remastered sound and a live recording a 1983 performance in Toronto, the reissue should feature a bounty of similarly awesome goodies.

    Then there’s the other little release the Athens boys also plan to drop this year. Remember the “Dublin Working Rehersals,” aka those series of shows performed in July 2007 to warm up for the band’s subsequent world tour and test new material that eventually ended up on last year’s Accelerate? Well, R.E.M. is releasing that as well. And get this, you won’t just be getting demos. Per R.E.M. HQ:


    Word is that the Dublin package will be something very special including more than “just the music,” although “just the music” those five nights at the Olympia was pretty incredible itself.

    In other words, expect something mind blowing…

    Check Out:

    “Second Guessing” (Live at Dublin’s Olympia Theatre – 7/4/07)

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