Sublime finds a new singer, reunites in Nevada

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    Update: Check out the videos below…

    Well kids, it happened. Almost four months after rumors of a possible reunion first surfaced, Eric Wilson and Bud Gough took to the stage with new a singer and performed under the name Sublime; the first time doing so since May 25th, 1996. The performance, which took place on Saturday night at the Cantina Los Hombres in Sparks, Nevada, featured a musician named Rome replacing the late Bradley Nowell on vocals. Per Del Mar’s MySpace (Gaugh’s current outfit, which opened the evening):

    “So Del Mar played the gig at Cantina last night in Reno, it was packed and amazing. What really fucking killed it was SUBLIME reuniting and playing with new singer, Rome. We’re fucking stoked for Bud, Eric, and Rome- Bud’s still playing with Del Mar, and Sublime doesn’t have any firm tour plans or anything YET, but we’ll keep you posted on their progress. Peace!”

    While no pictures or video from the concert have surfaced, a few attendees have offered their firsthand perspective on the evening, including one commenter named LJ on CoS:

    I was there last night. It was Eric, Bud, & Rome. You can never replace Brad.. but it was a bad-ass show!!! Rome has a great voice, guitar skills, and killer energy. It does more justice to the music to play it live then to let it rest forever only on recordings!! The crowd was thirsty for this show and the energy was surreal!! They dedicated the set to Brad & said it was the first time they had played those songs live in about 15 years! They played a new song too which sounded pretty bad ass!


    As for what’s next? Perhaps Bamboozle?

    More as it comes…

    “Ball and Chain”

    “What I Got”

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