U2 really like seeing U2 in the headlines

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    Ok, I’m officially convinced. U2 is this year’s Radiohead. But don’t going getting too revved up for a debate over who’s the better outfit, because that not what I’m talking about. No, it’s actually the headline grabbing characteristics that has Bono following in the footsteps of Thom Yorke – after all, as was the case with Radiohead this time last year, nearly every time you look, some new U2 news is popping up! In fact, it’s gotten so chaotic that we’re not even halfway through the unofficial national week-long holiday that is the release of the band’s new studio album, No Line with the Horizon, and I’m already losing my mind! So, let’s recap in the easiest and least headache inducing way possible – with bullets!

    • Yesterday, U2 released their new album, No Line with the Horizon. Today, the band offered the name of its upcoming “sister release”: Songs Of Ascent. According to Rolling Stone, the album will be out before the end of the year, led by a single entitled “Every Breaking Wave”.
    • On Monday, U2 helped Dave “Breathe”. Yesterday, Bono showed why he is so “Magnificent”. What’s in store for night three of the Late Night residency? One would have to think the “Boots” will soon be making an appearance…
    • Dates for U2’s super cheap upcoming world tour will be announced on Monday, March 9th. Word on the street is the band will spend the summer in Europe before coming to the U.S. for the fall leg. Word on the street is that U2 will be in Los Angeles on the day of the announcement. Word on the street is Coachella will be making lineup additions soon. Could U2 be playing a warm up gig in Indio? Hmm…
    • Prior to that, U2 will be playing a “secret” performance at Fordham Univeristy as part of the band’s Friday appearance on Good Morning America. “Secret” you say? Thank goodness, CoS will be live and on site to supply you with a full recap of the “secret.”

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