Uh oh! Coolio charged with possession and battery!

If you haven’t kept up with the recent news, Artis Leon Ivey (aka Coolio) was collared for a scuffle at an L.A. airport. At a loss? Don’t remember Coolio? Well, unless you slept throughout 1995, you’re likely to remember a lil’ ditty known as “Gangsta’s Paradise” and, if you’re really reaching, you’ll recognize his theme from Keenan & Kel. It’s been a silent decade and a half for the rapper, but he’s back…sort of. Come fourteen years from now, you’ll remember him for being tagged with possession of crack cocaine, paraphernalia and battery. Why? Because that’s what just happened.

The battery charges stem from the aforementioned altercation at the airport where security later found a crack pipe and drugs in his luggage. It didn’t help that he tried to grab the bag back from the guard. Now rumor has it that the former rapper turned drug addict is facing the maximum sentence: three years in the state pen. Whether or not this will happen is obviously up to the courts, but for now, we’ll consider the guy innocent until proven guilty. On a side note, this whole incident brings a whole new meaning to the webisodes Cookin’ With Coolio, does it not?

For those interested, the hearing is scheduled for April 3rd. Until then, Coolio will have to put his lackluster rap career and reality television semi-stardom to bed. Though considering the rattled television audience today, his arrest could actually get more ratings than Flava Flav’s VH1 Love Connection, right?

Only time will tell.

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