Watch: The running man returns with “Something Good ’08”

The running man is back! That’s right, folks! It started with MC Hammer back in the 1980’s, then was briefly revisited in the new millennium, only to have England’s Utah Saints revive it yet again just for shits and giggles. Utah Saints recently made a huge comeback with their latest single “Something Good ’08”, a remix of the group’s older tune, aptly labeled, “Something Good”, which has not only made them a MySpace sensation, but an even bigger YouTube phenomenon.

Utah Saints have a hectic schedule managing their successful night club Sugarbeat, DJ-ing around the world and living up to their title of being of the UK’s hottest dance groups! In the past, the electronic/breakbeat/techno group has sampled and remixed a billion and one different artists; however, for their latest project, Utah Saints thought it’d be fun to put a clever twist on MC Hammer’s famous steps for the “Something Good ’08” music video. And it’s nothing but fun!

The year is 1989 and it’s St. Davids Day in Cardiff when a man wearing a red track jacket, black cabbie hat and a big ‘ol gold chain round his neck walks into a bar. He proceeds to kiss his hand and then break out into the running man, taking the whole world by surprise. As the video goes on, some are confused, some shocked and some so excited they can’t stop doing it, all until our young fellow gets caught in a sticky situation wherein him and MC Hammer have a bit of a tiff.

It’s silly, it’s hilarious and it’s set to a great dance track that’ll get any party started! Currently, Utah Saints are recording some new material and their next studio album is set for a UK release March 17. Hopefully, this exciting new release hits the United States sooner than later.


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