And the Vampire Weekend hype machine keeps on rolling…

If the members of Vampire Weekend ever disband and decide to go on their separate ways, at least one of them, our choice would probably be Ezra Koenig for reasons below, should seriously consider writing the Idiot’s Guide to Making the Music Blogosphere’s Head Explode.

After all, just when you thought anticipation for the followup to last year’s self-titled debut couldn’t get any bigger, the band has all but obliterated the idea of patience with its recent recent comments to Entertainment Weekly:

After that, it’ll be back to Brooklyn, where the band hopes to finish its second album in time for a September release. As with their debut, VW keyboardist Rostam Batmanglij is producing the sessions. “For the last month or so, it’s just been us by ourselves in this small studio, working every day,” Koenig says. “It’s nice after having been on tour so much to be in a slightly different situation, but it’s pretty intense. We’re really trying hard to do everything that we want to do.”

Wake me up…when September comes!

But with anticipation of course comes absurd expectations…

It’s definitely going to be a recognizably Vampire Weekend sound, but there are going to be new sounds. We’re trying to challenge ourselves not to use the same bag of tricks that we used on the first album — different instruments, stuff like that.

…a.k.a., “we know if we don’t make this the greatest thing since Slanted and Enchanted, there will be riots on the street…” – certainly a tall task for a band that has, what, officially released 11 songs to date?

That being said, if the somewhat new “White Sky”, a track expected to be included on the yet-to-be-titled effort is any indication of what is to come, well, they’re 1/1 so far…

Plus, if Vampire Weekend somehow manages to recapture the magic of Vampire Weekend/Ra Ra Riot side-project Discovery, perhaps the Slanted and Enchanted feat isn’t all that impossible. Ok, so maybe not, but if you take stock in the two songs Stereogum has offered up (see below), the project, which features VW’s Rostam Batmanglij and Ra Ra’s Wes Miles, is pretty damn awesome…

…and enough to increase anticipation even more.

Caution boys, let’s save a few minds for the actual release date.

Check Out: (via Stereogum)
“Orange Shirt”
“Osaka Loop Line”


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