Check Out: Fiona Apple slowly makes her return

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    Fiona Apple…Fiona Apple…the name rings a bell, right?

    Sure, it does. After all, we are talking about a Grammy winner here. It just that, well, the 31-year-old has kind of been out of the public spotlight for quite a while now – it’s been five year’s since the release of Extraordinary Machine and almost three since Ms. Apple was touting around the east coast with Nickel Creek.

    However, now it seems that the New York native is ready to begin the next trek of her career. Either that, or for some odd reason is super into covering Cy Coleman. As part of the upcoming That Was Then And This Is Now: A Tribute To Cy Coleman EP, Apple has offered her offered up a rendition of “Why Try To Change Me Now?”

    No word on if a new album is on the way, but then again, it’s only been four years since Extraordinary Machine. Based on history, she’s still got plenty of time.

    Check Out: (via Perez Hilton)
    “Why Try To Change Me Now?”

    Tip of the hat to Jenny Julien!

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