Check Out: Marilyn Manson – “We’re From America”

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    Marilyn Manson has not done a politically charged song since Holy Wood, so when both band and front man exclaim a return to anger post-Election ’08 we begin to wonder about timing. We also begin to question the validity of this statement in lieu of the emo riddled Eat Me, Drink Me and the mall goth dance number The Golden Age Of Grotesque.

    Now, before a slew of anxious teenagers and twenty-something fans of Antichrist Superstar we arrive at 2009 with both an upcoming album and a headlining spot on this year’s Mayhem Festival. As a bonus, the cult of Manson (now equipped with Twiggy) sends us via free download the first of new studio material titled “We’re From America”. The beginning taunts with an almost “Fight Song” reminiscent intro, epic and pulsating, followed shortly by simple yet direct lyrics:

    “We’re from America, we’re from America…where we eat our young.  We’re from America, we’re from America…where Jesus was born.”

    All in all, the song itself seems to be meshing Manson’s electronic and repetitive nature of Mechanical Animals with the outright rebellion and anger present on Antichrist and about half of Holywood. The good news is it feels more like Manson and less like “Love Is Just A Car Crash Away”; the bad news is that most fans will probably still feel unsatisfied until the release of the much anticipated “Arma…geddon”. Think of “We’re From America” as something of an omen for things to come, while pondering the big question of whether or not the next album by Marilyn Manson will indeed live up to the hype.


    Marilyn Manson’s The High End of Low is scheduled for release May 26, 2009 and be sure to check out both this song and this band at Mayhem Festival during the summer alongside Slayer, Cannibal Corpse and more.

    Check Out:
    We’re From America

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