Check Out: Ryan Adams gives up retirement for death metal…

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    Ok, to be fair, Ryan Adams never actually retired from music – if we didn’t convice you at the time, perhaps the Valentine’s Day EP did. Still, one could say the appearance of, a recently launched website that sees the singer/songwriter “resurrecting” his death metal side-project Werewolph with three brand new selections does mark a return of Adams. At the very least, the tracks, entitled “Dead People Unite”, “Evil Weekend” and “Mega Wizards” do look to mark his first public offering since his “retirement”/excuse to take time off to wed Mandy Moore – Adams cover of Superchunk’s “Like a Fool” for SCORE! was probably recorded way before all the hoopla.

    So, welcome back Ryan!

    Check Out:

    On a semi-related note, Adams has also recently launched; if you pictures, video, or links to his favorite websites interest you, then check it out…

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