Festivals in Brief: The California Edition

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    Update: On second thought, rumors are just rumors, not confirmations, so we’ve added the five names to the Coachella Outlook page

    California has a lot of music festivals. Three of these festivals have a lot of news to discuss. So, let’s round up all the important info in today’s edition of CoS’ Festivals in Brief:

    Coachella Music Festival:
    There’s been a lot of Coachella related scuttle of late, mostly the result of some wishful fans looking for a Saturday headliner a bit more appealing than The Killers. While the Indio, California based festival has yet to fulfill this fantasy, it did make a significant announcement last night, this being in the form of the lineup for this year’s Dome. As expected, the dance-friendly area will be making a return this year and will offer attendees four nights of late night/early morning sounds. Flying Lotus, Felix Cartal, LA Riots, Daedelus, and Peanut Butter Wolf make highlight the bill, while a Friendly Fires DJ set, Kim (of The Presets), Busy P, and Kill The Noise make up other acts of note.

    Getting back to those “rumors,” perhaps now would be an appropriate time to address the comments I made earlier this week on CoS’ Twitter. You know, the ones that said: “Wow. If the rumors are true, Coachella has again outdone itself.” Well, here’s the deal. Consequence of Sound has been unable to confirm any rumor, and thus we are holding off on dropping any names, because it is entirely possible that what we’ve heard won’t turn out to be true. That being said, we have heard some noise – five names to be exact, all of whom are big enough to serve as a headliner. Four of these names were apparently being considered as possible replacements for Amy Winehouse. However, once M.I.A. was added, that obviously changed things. Still, these four acts are names – not Smiths reunion big – but significant enough to sell a few tickets, and I see no reason to believe why Coachella wouldn’t look to add one or two of them. The fifth name, however, is Smiths reunion big, well almost, and has been rumored for quite some time. It’s add would probably make any other addition unnecessary.


    So as you can see, it’s hard to gauge one is true, and one is not. I will say that these rumors do come from reliable sources, so if you’re looking for anything to be hopeful about, take stock in that. Still, I don’t believe it’s concrete enough to go out on a limb and drop these names for the reasons I mentioned above. However, it would be a little lame of me not to leave you with anything, so here are five acts that aren’t part of the “five names”: The Smiths, Pavement, Depeche Mode, David Bowie and Michael Jackson.

    Outside Lands Music Festival:
    As we previously noted, the Outside Lands Music Festival will indeed be returning for its second go around later this summer, August 28-30 to be exact. While this is still a long ways off, the folks behind the San Francisco festival will drop the most sought after detail on Monday when they announced the 2009 lineup. Apparently Outside Land’s Ranger Dave, aka Twitter, will be offering hints until then. But let’s be serious, who needs hints when you have the Outside Lands Outlook page to offer a few rumors – The Mars Volta, Dave Matthews Band, and Gogol Bordello all look to be safe bets.

    Treasure Island Music Festival:
    Just a week after Street Scene dropped its 2009 details, California’s other fall festival has done the same. The third annual Treasure Island Music Festival will return to San Francisco’s Treasure Island from October 17-18 for two days of “stellar and diverse” music: Saturday will feature two stages of electronic and dance oriented acts, while Sunday will offer a lineup of national and local indie rock artists. A Ferris wheel will also be at attendees’ disposal. The full lineup and and on-sale information will be announced early this summer.


    In non-California festival news, Forecastle recently unveiled a few more names, as did the Detroit Electronic Music Festival.

    As always, be sure to check out CoS’ for all your latest festival news and rumors. And if you’ve got a friend overseas, be sure to let them know that the Outlook just ain’t for Americans – we are constantly updating the European section. Oh, and got a tip? Drop us a line…

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