In Photos: Cold War Kids surprise Schubas (4/16)

Thursday night, the California quartet otherwise known as the Cold War Kids played to a steamy, squeezed in, and sold out crowd at Chicago’s own Schubas. It was a “warm up” gig of sorts, considering they went on to play the Aragon Theater the following night, with Death Cab for Cutie and Ra Ra Riot, but it was a hell of a practice. The band slaughtered the audience with hit after hit, culling from both Robbers and Cowards and last year’s Loyalty to Loyalty, and with such a small stage space, it was all very involving.

Since Schubas holds only a few hundred people, naturally the Kids sold out the venue within seconds. That doesn’t mean our sneaky, clever photographer Art Pena didn’t get in! Seriously, we don’t know how he does it, we’re just glad he does. From the looks of it, this was one hell of a show, and if you missed it (which we all did), he provided some videos, too!

“We Used To Vacation”

“Hospital Beds”

“Hang Me Up To Dry”

“Something Is Not Right With Me”


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