Oh joy! Another Lil Wayne rock song leaks!

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    Just in case you are still anticipating the release of Lil Wayne‘s Rebirth following the unveiling of “Prom Queen” last month, today’s your lucky day. “Fix My Hat”, another track from Lil Wayne’s forthcoming rock epic has hit the web, meaning there’s yet another opportunity to convince yourself not to actually shell out $13.99 when the record hits stores on June 23rd.

    This time around, Weezy is supposedly paying homage to the Beastie Boys, though last I checked, the Beastie Boys neither used autotune, nor made a song this bad.

    Hey, but that’s just personal opinion. It’s not like Lil Wayne hasn’t won over anybody…

    Check it out for yourself below; mp3 courtesy of

    Check Out:
    “Fix My Hat”

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