stellastarr* shoots for July release

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    Nearly four years after the release of Harmonies for the Haunted, Brooklyn’s stellastarr* is finally ready to return with its much-anticipated third full-length effort. Called Civilized, the 10-track effort will feature both old (the Brooklyn foursome have reconnected who Tim O’Heir, who previously produced their self-titled debut) and new (after spending two LPs with record giant RCA, the band will release its newest creation on personal imprint, Bloated Wife Records).

    However, when it comes to the musical styles of Civilized, it appears new has won out entirely. In a recent interview with Strange Glue, frontman Shawn Christensen described the album as “faster” with “more energy and more rock.” The vocals will also see a change; due to throat issues, Christensen reportedly will be singing in a higher register for most of the album.

    Civilized will be officially unveiled on July 7th. Ahead of the release, the band is currently streaming one of the album’s tracks, “Warchild” on its MySpace. The first single, “Graffiti Eyes”, will be released on iTunes on April 20th, in conjunction with being featured on “Gossip Girl” that night, airing on the CW at 8pm.


    And in completely unrelated news, stellastarr* now has a Twitter.

    Civilized Tracklist:
    01. Robot
    02. Freak Out
    03. Tokyo Sky
    04. Numbers
    05. Graffiti Eyes
    06. Prom Zombie
    07. Warchild
    08. The People
    09. Move One
    10. Sonja Cries

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