The Cure unveils “secret show” via MySpace

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    Considering the rather “eh” reaction to their headlining set at Coachella last week (see: Spin Magazine‘s Best & Worst from Coachella), perhaps it’s only appropriate that Robert Smith and The Cure have chosen to focus their memories elsewhere, like the band’s performance at Los Angeles’ Troubadour on December 13, 2008. As you may or may not know, the show was a “MySpace Secret Show,” which basically means nothing now other than the fact that The Cure and MySpace have taken the audio from the 33 song set and put it up for stream on the web.

    So, if you either love MySpace – though that’s so 2007 – or have a thing for 50-year-old frontmen (happy birthday Robert Smith!) then head on over to the band’s MySpace right this second and get streaming!

    The Cure Live From Secret Shows Tracklist:
    01. Underneath the Stars
    02. Pictures of You
    03. Lullaby
    04. The Perfect Boy
    05. alt.end
    06. The Reasons Why
    07. The Walk
    08. The End of the World
    09. Lovesong
    10. The Real Snow White
    11. The Hungry Ghost
    12. The Only One
    13. From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea
    14. Sleep When I’m Dead
    15. Wrong Number
    16. Push
    17. Friday I’m in Love
    18. Inbetween Days
    19. Just Like Heaven
    20. Primary
    21. The Scream
    22. One Hundred Years
    23. It’s Over
    24. Freakshow
    25. Let’s Go to Bed
    26. Close to Me
    27. Why Can’t I Be You?
    28. A Forest
    29. Boys Don’t Cry
    30. Jumping Someone Else’s Train
    31. Grinding Halt
    32. 10:15 Saturday Night
    33. Killing Another


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