The Dead Weather returns to the studio; big plans to come…

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As last week’s debut performance proved, The Dead Weather is certainly not living up to its name. In fact, the new Jack White-led group is kicking up a storm, and recent word from guitarist Dean Fertita hints that this is just the calm. Months before its debut makes, well, its debut, the band is already back in the studio recording even more material. Let’s hope lightning strikes twice, huh? Okay, that’s enough.

Fertita spoke with last week and discussed the band’s current schedule, including their snazzy summer plans, which already sports a lovely San Francisco appearance at Outside Lands. What the band’s recording, however, is another set of covers (Them’s “You Just Can’t Win”, Downliner Set’s “Outside”), some previously written originals (from the Horehound sessions), and possibly some more recent material, too.

“We still feel very much in the creative mode,” Fertita says. “We don’t feel like we’re ready to stop. I think we’re going to try to maybe get a jump on…I don’t know if it’ll be a second record or singles to release throughout the year  or stuff like that. There are a few things floating around, and there will be more soon, too.”

As for touring:

“We know June through August we’ll be doing a lot. We plan to keep going through the fall and possibly beyond. We just aren’t sure. Everybody’s got so much stuff going on, we’re just trying to fill every open spot we can.”

By “everybody”, surely Fertita means White himself. Not only does he have the Dead Weather to keep him busy, but there’s word of a new White Stripes film, some four or five more records he’s producing, and “some other stuff [he] can’t tell you about.” That’s not counting the countless collaborations both on or off-stage that he’ll somehow work into his schedule, too. Or, the new Raconteurs or White Stripes album that will inevitably surface, whichever he shelves out first.

Sigh, what a guy.

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