The La’s to la la again?

In the latest case of toying with our hearts by publishing a story that is either a.) potentially true because Pete Doherty is involved and the story and we all know how much NME loves Peter Doherty, or b.) is a complete exaggeration resulting from NME misinterpreting one line some random roadie said at a bar at 3:00 a.m., the British music publication is reporting that Lee Mavers has tapped Pete Doherty and Babyshambles to serve as backing band for the next La’s album. Yes, the same La’s that haven’t shelled out an album since their debut, self-titled LP back in 1990.

“He [Mavers] said how much he loved what we do, how we play, how we look,” Ficek told NME.COM. “Then [Doherty] said Lee wants us to be his backing band.”

The drummer confirmed that any hook up would be to record new La’s material. “Lee said he’s got loads of songs written and he’d like us to get involved,” he said. “I’m not sure where it’ll go from here, but it’s enough to get excited about.”

Our friends over at Idolator responded to the news with a “I’ll Believe It Only When The Finished Product Is In My Hands,” pointing to the fact that only a month ago Mavers was quoted as saying he didn’t see the point in resurrecting The La’s – a story also reported by NME.

Ah, the fun that is the music industry. As always more as it comes, or as soon as NME has a report saying Mavers has scrapped plans and will be joining Led Zeppelin for their reunion tour this summer…


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