Watch: Hot Chip gets jiggy with the homeless in “Over and Over Again”

We love it when out favorite bands get involved in very abstract and goofy projects, but it’s even better when their outrageous endeavors are for a good cause. Take Hot Chip for example. Recently, the British boys behind the lovely electropop band teamed up with the local homeless program Skylight to create a short one-off video for “Over and Over” and get people excited about aiding the needy. What sweeties, huh?

Starting off with a brief introduction from band member Al Doyle, the accompanying video features members of the Skylight homeless program jumping up and down, wearing overly sized sunglasses and dancing about behind the band. It’s goofy and hilarious, but “Over and Over” also really gets you excited about the cause and this is just the beginning folks! Hot Chip will be playing a series of secret “hidden” gigs starting on May 5th in support of the needy through Crisis Headquarters in East London.

Unfortunately, further details about the gigs are currently being withheld (it’s supposed to be a secret, remember) until the last minute by its organizers. Still, more are still to come, so stay tuned. And be sure to check out the charming video below.


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