Watch: Placebo – “For What It’s Worth”

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    For what it’s worth, a battle for the sun might not seem like the most appealing of activities – I mean is a big, uninhabitable ball of gas really all that much getting excited for? But for Placebo, it’s all the legendary outfit is thinking about. After all, just check out the recently revealed music video for single #1 off the trio’s upcoming studio effort

    “For What It’s Worth” features small descriptors of life, events, or character are displayed for all to see. More times than not, what they reveal are not too glamorous. This is juxtaposed to a very static glimpse of the band playing the song, all dressed in white. Musically, the song is straightforward and quickly paced under three minutes. It’s not as layered as “Pure Morning” or as catchy as “Every You, Every Me”; which most of you should be familiar with, but that’s not to say “For What It’s Worth” isn’t as good as anything Placebo has come up with over the last 13 years of album making. At the same time, its not their best. In this case, the word “ok” would be an appropriate adjective.

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    Battle For the Sun hits music shevles on June 9th via Vagrant.

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