YouTube Live: Slipknot’s Corey Taylor takes on Van Halen

Skipknot’s frontman Corey Taylor loves to perform. Despite making a pretty good living as one of the nine, middle-aged men who don horror masks and pander to  legions of disaffected, pimply teenagers, he will sing anywhere and for anyone.

Not that it’s a bad thing, ’cause Taylor can really sing. With a healthy dose of charisma and a dash of narcissism – which in his profession, coupled with the dismal and competitive state of the music industry, aren’t bad traits to have - Taylor has effortlessly exceeded the limited expectations about his singing career and the musical legitimacy of Slipknot. Taylor also fronts Stone Sour and has contributed vocals on several albums, such as Soulfly’s Primitive, Apocalyptica’ Worlds Collide and produced and sang on the Walls of Jericho’s EP, Redemption. In addition, he has jumped onstage with Anthrax and more recently, performed at a number of dates with Steel Panther, the notorious glam metal band.

But his appearances with the LA-based super supergroup Camp Freddy are the best. Led by Jane’s Addiction/Panic Channel’s Dave Navarro, ex-Guns & Roses/Velvet Revolver drummer Matt Sorum and ex-Jane’s Addiction/Panic Channel bassist Chris Morrison, Taylor shows an unbridled, almost childlike enthusiasm when performing with the cover band.

In covering Van Halen’s hit, 1978’s “Ain’t Talking About Love” Taylor might not have David Lee Roth’s chizled body and groin-thrusting moves, but there is something weirdly sexy about this short dude with pale, man-breasts and in desperate need of a haircut. The performance video is shaky but two things are evident: The enthusiasm that Taylor brings to the song is clearly palpable and the response he gets from the audience rewards that enthusiasm. He knows he’s good (despite battling for attention with the uber-macho Navvaro) and while the cover doesn’t stray too far away from the original, it is a great, contemporary nod to good ol’ fashioned Sunset Strip-arena rock.


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