Album Review: The Breeders – Fate to Fatal [EP]

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The Breeders have become somewhat reclusive in the world of alternative music. While the band is highly influential in its  own right, the Deal sisters have only released a handful of records since beginning over two decades ago. After more than a few line-up changes and hiatuses, The Breeders managed to come back last year with the surprising Mountain Battles. Now the band has a new EP, its third to be exact, Fate to Fatal. The band has been on a new course that started with 2002’s Title TK, and has continued to calm down, allowing them to expand creatively. The Breeders are one of the last relics from the early ’90s and this short selection shows us the next step in the band’s evolution.

We always knew Kim Deal had a bad attitude. She has proven this many times throughout her career. For example, remember when mid-concert she hit Frank Black (or Black Francis) in the back of the head with her bass? She is probably the last person you would want to upset. This EP expresses Deal’s devilish side, especially the title track, in which Deal screams, “Get out, get out!” over minor chords and low-fi stripped distortion. It’s a kick in the pants homage to why we love this band.

All together, the EP ebbs and flows through slower and thoughtful 90’s throw back anthems. At one moment it’s loud and vintage, but at the other end, with help from drummer Jose Medeles’ smoky vocals, you get tracks like “The Last Time” which add Wainwright essence to the mix. The heartfelt “Chances Are” opens old wounds with apologetic lyrics, rounding out the EP as something quieter than we are used to, complimenting the direction that they are headed. When all is said and done, this short installment feels much more stripped, more Velvet Underground than the biting grunge that we were first introduced to years ago.

For a band who manages to reappear about every five years or so, it’s safe to say that they are getting better. Even though we are all greedy music fans and would love to see more headlining tours, it is obvious that time and seclusion is in The Breeders’ favor. Personally, I am all for extended hiatuses if that’s the driving force for the music’s direction.

Check Out:
“Fate to Fatal”