Atreyu hits the studio for new album

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    Dear Consequence of Sound,

    I was wondering if you could give me an update on Atreyu? I haven’t heard much about those guys since they  headlined Projekt Revolution last summer.

    Imaginary Person in my Head Helping Make for a Solid Introduction


    Dear Imaginary Person in my Head Helping Make for a Solid Introduction,

    It just so happens that Atreyu recently announced plans to return to the studio to begin work on the followup to 2007’s Lead Sails Paper Anchor. The band has reportedly made 30 song demos and plans to narrow it down to 16, with the goal being to finish recording by June. Bob Marlette (Seether, Ozzy Osbourne) will serve as producer, while frontman Alex Varkatzas continues to serve as spokesmen:

    “We started as a heavy hardcore band, and I think we’ve gotten away from that in recent years…The last record, for example, showcased us as a rock band with heavy parts. With this record, we want to return to our roots while also continuing to move forward. It’s about finding the right balance between the two.”

    We hope this answers your question.

    Consequence of Sound

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