Beastie Boys stop by Fallon to discuss new, perform old

Update: Turns out the part about the new studio album wasn’t all jokes. Hot Sauce Committee will be indeed be the absurd (?) name of the Beastie Boys’ eighth studio album, a recently issued press release confirmed. What’s more, the release will be headed by yet another reissue, this in the form of Ill Communication on July 14th. Head to for pre-orders and additional details.

Last night, the Beastie Boys appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon for three reasons: 1.) to ruin Fallon’s pillows, 2.) to discuss their forthcoming studio album and 3.) to pretend like they weren’t going to perform only to be convinced to perform eight seconds later.

By night’s end, only two of three appeared to really come to fruition. Whether the details discussed relating to item #2 (e.g., the fact that the band recorded multiple albums in recent months, one on Paul Allen‘s boat/yacht/megaliner/submarine that will be released at another time, while the other, reportedly titled Hot Sauce Committee and due out in September is the result of work with Grandmaster Caz on a different yacht) remains to be seen. Of course, the latter of the two looks to be more plausible, but if you add in the fact the Boys appeared to be fucking with Fallon the whole time, and just hours ago, we were under the impression at least one of the new albums would be entitled Tadlock’s Glasses, perhaps it wouldn’t be a good idea to draw any conclusions just yet

…other than the fact the Beastie Boys are good at both destroying pillows and performing. Watch the entire thing at, or the performance of “So What’cha Want” below:


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