Bob Dylan makes surprise appearance on Beatles tour

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    The above headline makes no sense whatsoever for so many reasons, the biggest being that, well, The Beatles aren’t currently touring, let alone together. Still, the headline “Bob Dylan makes surprise appearance on Beatles tour” did catch us off guard yesterday afternoon upon logging onto Could it be some previously undiscovered concert footage? Are McCartney and Starr back together, and touring under The Beatles name? Had John Lennon pulled a Tupac? We clicked the link to learn more…

    …and what we found:

    Bob Dylan enjoyed a tour to John Lennon’s childhood home in Liverpool last week, it has emerged.

    The veteran singer went unnoticed alongside 14 other tourists on the minibus excursion, which coincided with his tour date in the city on May 2.

    Dylan paid £16 for the trip and “appeared to enjoy himself” on the visit to the National Trust-owned home, a spokeswoman said.

    “He took one of our general minibus tours. People on the minibus did not recognise him apparently,” the spokeswoman told the BBC.

    News, indeed.

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