Corey Taylor does…Prince?

Okay, so we’ve had some time to let reality sink in. While the metal militia known as Slipknot has officially decimated rumors of a break-up via the All Hope Is Gone Tour 2009, we know the voracious frontman Corey Taylor announced work on solo material earlier this year. After spearheading two metal acts (the second being Stone Sour), Taylor has mentioned styling his music toward country or Midwest roots.  What we have been getting lately is something to quite strangely cap this metamorphosis off.

It seems that after traipsing around successfully with the GNR/Jane’s Addiction melting pot known as Camp Freddy, Corey Taylor shed his mop for a chrome dome, started wearing white tees again and has managed to procure a “crack squad of aloof yet courageous bastards” he dubs the Junk Beer Kidnap Band. As it is commonly verified, Corey Taylor does have a couple of solo gigs lined up at the end of May, so after some songwriting he dug up this rag tag group of local rock misfits to back him. Taylor succeeds at harnessing the Midwest rock sound that many are familiar with, and speaking to Metromix about this endeavor he reveals an interesting nugget of information regarding covers:

“The music is pure Midwest rock — THE REPLACEMENTS, SOCIAL DISTORTION, FOO FIGHTERS, etc. It is NOT heavy metal. I’m in two other bands that play that. This is rock with big chords, huge choruses and a lot of melody. No plans to record yet, but I’m working on it. Oh, and we do a cover of ‘Let’s Go Crazy’ by PRINCE. That mixed with some Corey Taylor originals, a couple of STONE SOUR songs and a mystery cover…”

Prince? I can fathom a Van Halen cover by the Camp Freddy ensemble, considering he is a rock musician/vocalist, but Prince? While he and his band do a killer job on the track by converting it to real rock music, I sense a “Purple Rain” number coming soon, followed, perhaps, by a little Styx. Let us cross our fingers in hopes that Taylor does not soon begin wearing skin-tight pants, a la Roth.


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