Don’t Stop! Yoko!

Stop her? You can’t even contain her!!!

Over the next four months, Yoko Ono will drop not one, but two new releases with the Plastic Ono Band. One will be a new EP, entitled Don’t Stop Me! (note the exclamation point!), which will offer a four track taste of what is to come in September, when the 76-year-young Ono and her star-studded group of backing musicians unleash a brand new 15-track LP called Between My Head And The Sky.

The former of the the two will be released on June 9th exclusively through iTunes. The latter, as mentioned, will drop on a yet-to-be-announced date in September. Both are the result of a six-day recording session in New York’s Sear Sound with such music heavy-weights as Cibo Matto’s Yuka Honda, Cornelius, and son Sean Lennon.

Says Sean:

“Yoko unleashed a deluge of new songs, writing about 16 songs in six days. The most prolific day peaking out at six songs written and tracked in an afternoon. The recording session was like a tornado of inspiration. Some of the best lyrics on the record Yoko actually ‘freestyled’ as if she were a lyrical divining rod.”

Yoko will also spend he summer the Golden Lion lifetime achievement award at La Biennale di Veneziaand taking the Plastic Ono Band to perform at this year’s Meltdown Festival.

Did we mention she is 76?

Don’t Stop Me! EP Tracklist:
01. The Sun Is Down! (Cornelius Mix)
02. Ask The Elephant!
03. Feel The Sand


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