Eminem gives away free music, hangs with Elton John

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So, Eminem has a new album coming out soon. Next week (Tuesday, May 19th) actually. And while he has already started all the promotional actions and events necessary for a mainstream act (freestyling on German TV, peeing on Mariah Carey, and a scheduled appearance at the MTV Video Awards), the hip-hopper is also showing a bit of love to not only us bloggers, but the internet world as a whole.

For example, ahead of next week’s release of Relapse, Eminem is now accepting pre-orders for the album via his official website. If one takes part, one will receive a digital download of the album right this very second, along with “2 bonus song downloads” and downloads of both the “3 A.M.” and “We Made You” videos. What’s more, a Limited Edition Deluxe version is also available, and includes the CD, 12″ vinyl, all the downloads, plus an autographed print and a collectible Relapse pill bottle.

Eminem has all his poorer and old-school fans covered as well. The rapper is offering his 1996 debut album, Infinite, as a free digitial download 50 Cent’s ThisIs50 website. According to Rolling Stone, the album was originally limited to just vinyl and cassette, but has been heavily bootlegged over the past decade.

At this point, what else could one ask for? A Twitter? Duh.

What about a Yorke/Björk type of collaboration that makes us tingle all over? How’s Eminem and Elton John sound?

In a recent with the Metro Times, the rapper noted that he again recently teamed up with the piano maestro (see: 2001’s “Stan”), however, this time around, it was for something much more serious. “He’s somebody who’s in the business and can identify and relate to the lifestyle and how hectic things can be,” Eminem said in explaining how John helped him recover from a pill addiction. “He understands like the pressure and any other reasons that you wanna come up with for doing drugs, you know. Me and him have had similar lives and stuff. So I reached out to him and told him, ‘Look, I’m going through a problem and I need your advice.’” Ok, so it didn’t result in anything that will have you nodding your head later this summer, but still, when one high-profile musician receives help from another, it’s always worth mentioning.

So, basically, Eminem has done everything except save the car industry, which, as it turns out, he is currently working on.

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